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We have so many wonderful patients, with great success stories! Each month we feature one patient's story in our office. We design a scrapbook page inspired by their words that hangs in our reception area for the month and then is moved to a book available for folks to browse while waiting for their own appointment or waiting for a friend/family member who is having their appointment.

Besides the wonderful success stories that are featured on this page (which our patients are welcome to submit to us at any time), we thought we'd start sharing the stories of our Patients of the Month here on the web. To get the full effect oImage Propertiesf the fun and love that goes into this feature of the office, you'd have to come in to see the scrapbook, but we hope you enjoy this version as well.

Cindy P.

Jo-Anne M.

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Ray G. july 2012 ray g_1.jpg

I was getting out of shape, feeling over-stressed and injury prone. My former chiropractor in Portland had retired, so I had been without chiropractic care for several years. I heard about this office from a co-worker, and decided to give it a try. My first exam here was a little discouraging. as there were more things "technically" wrong with my back condition then I had realized. Improvement has been gradual, with an occasional setback resulting from over-training in my running, but this office has been there to quickly put me back into shape. I've even begun racing again in the past year or so. My age and being out of shape would have made it nearly impossible to race without injury, but for the preventative care I've received in this office. Even 60 year olds like me can safely get back into a very active life with the support of this office!      -B.H.

Initially when I first visited Gardiner Family Chiropractic, I was in a great deal of discomfort. I had experienced terrible pain in my back and shoulders from a waterskiing injury, and it seemed nothing could be done to fix the problem, or relieve the agony. This had gone on for a few years. After seeking medical help, and being told that I would just hav to deal with it: take medication to relieve the muscle spasms, medication to dull the pain, and do exercises I had trouble doing because they hurt me so much, I decided I had nothing to lose by seeking a chiropractic consultation. I had always been leery of doing that, but I was hurting so much I decided it couldn't hurt any more than it already did!!! My goal was to feel better, and to be able to do so without chemical assistance.

I saw the advertisement for the opening of a new practice in Gardiner, and in desperation I decided to make an appointment to go there to be seen. I was very pleasantly surprised when I was received and treated so professionally. Dr. Peters talked to me, asking questions about my problems and then examining me. She found many thing that needed some work. The whole exam took maybe one hour, and she was very thorough. I think everything in my back was out of kilter. She explained the process to me, and we set up a treatment plan for me, which I faithfully followed. Within six to eight months, I was a new woman! I felt pretty much pain-free, and was not taking any medications for discomfort - a miracle as far as I was concerned!

This was years ago, and I am now 70 years old, and still feeling pretty wonderful. I take nothing for pain or discomfort, use good body mechanics, and other than occasional muscle spasms when I have been doing heavy work and lifting, I am virtually pani-free. I am very grateful to chiropractic for this great relief in my life.      -F.R.

I have always suffered from low back problems. As a teenager I had several falls from horses, and then a horse stepped on my collarbone in a fall. My shoulder was dislocated and has never been the same. Neck problems have plagued me also - two different car accidents left me with whiplash injuries. I have suffered with headaches and nagging sciatica as well. I think I must provide enough for a chiropractor to keep busy with for the rest of their lives! I have seen many chiropractors over the years, and I know a good chiropractor when I leave the first visit. I have lived in many other places in the country, and have seen both good and bad. I first moved to Gardiner eight years ago, and one of the teachers at the Pittston school referred me to this ofifce.

I have found such great supportive care with the doctors here at Gardiner Famiy Chiropractic. I was examined thoroughly with X-rays, strength tests, and therapy. The ability of the doctors to adjust the course of treatment each time I come in is truly a lifesaver for me. Dr. Johnson also sent me to my medical doctor when she suspected a nerve problem. Turns out she was 100% correct, and because of her quick response, I was able to avoid surgery.

I am a horse trainer part time, and back and neck issues greatly affect my ability to train and teach effectively. I also play the piano and conduct several choruses. Raising my arms to conduct or play piano for long periods of time often caused great pain in my whole body. Not anymore! I will always struggle to maintain a healthy spine because of all the damage I've done to my body over time, but Gardiner Family Chiropractic and the caring, professional doctors here keep me functioning with virutally no pain. I used to take Motrin several times a day - every day - just to function. Not anymore! I hardly ever take any pain medication. Wellness care doctors that truly know you, doctors that ask questions about every day activities, your life, even your emotional well-being, and people who truly care make this practice special.      - B.P.

It started four or five months ago with a headache that wouldn't go away. It was like eating ice cream too fast. The pain was constant, never letting up. I had pressure behind my eyes and nose and my teeth also ached constantly. My vision started getting blurry and my depth perception was off. After meeting with the neurologist in the ER, he performed a spinal tap, which was painful, and ordered pain medication. It did not touch the headaches. When the spinal tap came back normal, he ordered an MRI, MRA, and MRV. All those tests came back normal as well. While waiting for the test results to come back, the pain just kept getting worse, so I confined myself to my room for two weeks. The lights and sunlight made my vision and headaches worse. I even went to an eye doctor for a full eye exam to see if my vision was causing the headaches, but that came back normal as well. I tried to change the pain mediation to something that would help my headaches, but the doctor said I would have to "deal with the pain" until all of the test results came back.

Finally, several weeks and many tests later, I decided to take my friend's advice and see a chiropractor. After meeting Dr. Pidgeon and speaking to him I knew there would be relief soon. He made no promises to me, but said he would try his hardest to help me. He gave me a thorough explanation of what he was going to do and what I would have to do in order to get rid of the pain. He also explained that my job and the way I lift things is what may have caused the headaches. After four visits my headaches gradually disappeared for an hour or two after the adjustment. After two weeks they were completely gone. I am now back to work after being out one month, and doing all the things I like to do.      -M.W.

When I first started chiropractic treatment I was in severe pain. I was having migraine headaches almost daily. My left arm would go to sleep almost every night, and it would cause me to wake up several times a night. My neck was constantly sore and I was pretty discouraged. I'm a home-schooling mom, and I work with the youth and puppet ministries at our church, so I don't have time for headaches or limited mobility. I need to be able to use the computer frequently for these activities, and it had become almost impossible for me to do so. The neurologist I was seeing increased all the medication I was on, including the pain medicine. I knew there had to be a better way than just drugs. My general practitioner suggested I go back to the chiropractor because she had records of where it had helped me in the past.

The thermal scan showed it all - I was quite a mess. My left side was really tight and pulling everything out of place. My adjustments started immediately. Within a couple of adjustments I started feeling better. Along with regular adjustments and phsyiotherapy, I was given stretches and exercises to do at home that are really helpful. Using these stretches first thing in the morning can really make a difference in the way my neck and head feel for the whole day, not to mention that my arm doesn't bother me at all anymore.

My very active 10-year-old daughter also has regular chiropractic adjustments. She likes to run and jump - a lot. Needless to say, she often puts her body out of alignment. We have also found that regular adjustments help her with "growing pains" that she tends to get in her legs. The nighttime leg aches that she was having a couple of times a week are much less frequent.

I'm back to using the computer frequently for my various projects. Although I'm not totally free of headaches, I do get them less frequently, and we are continuing to work with all my doctors to come up with the best plan of action for me. I know that chiropractic care makes a big difference in my well-being, as well as my daughter's. But more than that, the TLC and personal treatment that all the staff gives to each patient at Gardiner Family Chiropractic is priceless. They treat the whole person, and it's always a pleasant experience to be there.      -J.B.

For years I have had back and shoulder pain and thought I was going deaf. It got so I couldn't stand the pain any longer. My D.O. (who I respected greatly) had retired and I had given my new D.O. a try, but I was getting no relief. I was given injections (which would temporarily relieve any discomfort) but nothing seemed to "fix" the problem. I had back pain, shoulder pain, and I felt pressure in my right ear all the time. I tolerated the pain for over a year and decided to try another approach. I called Gardiner Family Chiropractic and made an appointment in March 2003. I didn't know anyone who went to them. I was very desperate; I figured that I couldn't be in much more pain than I was in at the time.

The results of my thermal scan were diagnosed as Vertebral Subluxation Complex with abnormalities in my lumbar region. The muscles in the lumbar area were atrophied (my pelvis was one inch higher on one side which made my posture off). I received ultrasound and heat therapy as well as re-aligment. In a matter of months my back felt much better. Right away my ear pressure was relieved and I felt better in general.

I love to garden, knit, and sew. I couldn't sit up, kneel, or reach for any length of time. My back would hurt so much it would take my breath away. Now I can go play in my flower garden, knit, and sit at my sewing machine without pain. If you have any back, neck, or leg problems, don't put off getting the professional help necessary - you won't be sorry. The sooner you make that first appointment the sooner you'll get rid of your pain. Gardiner Family Chiropractic is treating my whole family, and it is a choice that I wouldn't hesitate to make again.      -J.S.

I had lower back pain radiating into my hips for a year. It interrupted my sleep, daily activities, driving, etc. I was frustrated and impatient with the pain and with others!!! I had gone to other chiropractors, tried exercise, meditation, even doing nothing - to no avail. I often noticed Gardiner Family Chiropractic as I drove by. I liked the apple!

The doctor asked many questions, did an exam, discussed the findings with me, and suggested a plan of action. Within 6 - 10 visits I felt much better, and continue to do so with regular visits. Gardening was the most stressful and painful activity, and I love to garden! After my initial series of visits I could gratefully enjoy my gardens again!!

I love coming to GFC. I tell people about this friendly office and how successful they are in treating me, not only as a valuable patient, but also as a family member.      -K.N.

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