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Before seeking care at Gardiner Family Chiropractic I had tried massage therapy and other health alternatives because of several auto accidents throughout the years. A friend of mine that I play ice hockey with (who is also a chiropractor) explained that even if you have been suffering years of discomfort and pain it does not have to continue.

I was a little skeptical and excited but called to schedule a new patient appointment. Dr. Peters examined me and could tell that I was a mess. She asked me a number of questions about my health history and allowed me to ask anything I wanted to know. After the initial examination she explained the plan of care and what I could expect to see for results, and that plan of care has never wavered. I have learned so much about my health and the importance of exercising and moving your body every day. I now can stand up straight without compensating for pain. I now again can enjoy ice hockey, dancing and roller blading.

I would like to tell anyone who is maybe considering chiropractic care that it is well worth the effort but also consider that it is important to find a chiropractic practice that focuses on well being, like Gardiner Family Chiropractic versus just solve your pain.

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