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Kalie H.

Before I sought out Chiropractic care, I was having regular back spasms that were painful and restricted me from turning my head all the way to the left. Because I could not turn my head all the way, I didn’t feel as safe while driving my car. I wanted to find a solution to my back spasms rather than just take medication to cover the symptoms. I came to Gardiner Family Chiropractic in hope for relief from my pain, I was a bit anxious at first, especially when it came to my neck being “cracked”, but the doctors and staff soon put me at ease.

If I could give anyone advice when thinking about chiropractic care for the first time, I’ll tell them to just do it, even if you get nervous like I was, it is well worth it. I need to be able to rely on my body and getting regular adjustments helps my body to feel more at ease and I can now comfortably turn my head to both sides.

I absolutely love the staff at Gardiner Family Chiropractic and the care that I receive, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a chiropractor, make GFC your first choice!

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