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      I have always had lower-back pain, especially when standing and sitting for long periods.  This may be partially attributed to a mild form of scoliosis.  Breaking my hip in 2008, being on crutches for 3 months, and having a total hip replacement in 2009 only exacerbated the problem.  At that time, my mid-back and shoulders were hurting too.  Both my sister and husband are patients at Gardiner Family Chiropractic and they had favorable testimonies concerning their chiropractic care. I was very hopeful that a chiropractor could give me some relief from my discomfort.

      Before seeing a chiropractor, my husband claimed that I “listed” to the right.  In other words, my right shoulder drooped.  This was obvious when I wore T-shirts with letters or designs across the chest.  Now, I laugh about thinking that the T-Shirt maker must have printed them incorrectly.  Well, my husband rarely accuses me of listing to the right anymore.  The best outcome for me, however, is my ability to sit (especially in church) and stand for longer periods of time with a lot less back pain.  My shoulder pain has minimized as well.  Also, there has been a noticeable improvement in my posture.

      I feel that everyone who has a spine (and that’s everyone) can benefit from chiropractic care.  I wish that I had sought treatment sooner.  I’m hopeful that between chiropractic visits and calcium supplements, that I can avoid the degenerative spinal problems associated with aging.

      I’m delighted with the care that I have received from Gardiner Family Chiropractic.  At my initial visit, the doctors and staff were very welcoming.  This has been my experience throughout my treatment.  Early in my treatment plan, I was given exercises to do for strengthening my back and shoulders.  The exercises were demonstrated by the chiropractor and initially performed by me at the office to be sure that I was doing them correctly.  I really appreciate this holistic approach to my care.  I have been doing a lot of gardening and painting this spring and summer.  So, I’m grateful to have the doctors at Gardiner Family Chiropractic correct the consequences of my labor.  Gardiner Family Chiropractic maintains a very positive and helpful environment.


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