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Over the past few years I have had constant upper back and neck soreness due to general stress and the type of work I perform.  I tried doing a number of exercises, stretches and yoga but would only find minor, temporary relief. This led me to thinking that chiropractic care would help correct and maintain my comfort.

I was a bit uncertain about going to a chiropractor because of my relatively low level of discomfort but figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out for a few weeks.  I’m glad I did!  I find myself thinking about my discomfort a lot less.  Before treatment I would often get distracted but now I feel like I can go most of the day before even thinking about any discomfort.

Chiropractic is one of the best decisions you can make!  Chiropractic care is simple, non-invasive and highly effective.  You really won’t believe how good it feels to feel corrected!

I’ve always been greeted as I walk in, even the very first time I was greeted by name.  The staff is a knowledgeable, friendly, and cohesive group that keep our community feeling great!

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