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Winter fitness tips

Most of us are juggling a pretty tight schedule in our lives and if we are honest with ourselves, we know we all need more exercise, but lack of time, energy and interest, gets in the way.

So here are some simple things we can do each day to boost our energy and make us feel we are doing something right for our selves.

These few tips are something children can do with us to help keep it fun.

Most of us end up in front of a television or computer for a length of time.  Just swap out the comfy chair for a large exercise ball for even half the time.  It will work on strengthening your core muscles while you feel you are doing nothing. You will even get more active with side-to-side and other motions the more comfortable you get with the ball.  Place it by something you can put your hand on to balance until you feel comfortable. Then it can go with you to the computer and other sitting jobs, like sewing room etc.

All of us jumped rope in our youth. Boxers still use it to keep in shape.  You don’t have to do it fast, but just three times a week and you will notice how your body gets stronger. Don’t think it is going to be as easy as it was, your calves and lungs will remind you of the years since at first!

Leg lifts while sitting in a chair. Do sets of five several times a night. Simply lift your legs as best you can and hold a few seconds and release. This will work many muscles for you.

This one is fun for the children. Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you. And using your arms, slide forward across the floor using just your legs and arms moving your hips to make a step. This tightens those muscles we are trying to squeeze into our jeans ladies and you can have races with the kids. Models still do this one today. An added benefit is added core strength.

Just doing these a few times a week will give you a jump on getting going when spring and summer exercises are more easy to get to with the extended daylight hours. You won’t be starting from scratch.

Have fun, and get healthy, these are tips gathered from my childhood and various pamphlets. 

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